Just found your Pinterest boards. Phenomenal. Badass. Thank you --

very glad. right now im at an impass there since they limit the quantity of posts. Im looking forward to future online archiving on some platform.

I haven’t been using tumblr at all lately.

I miss it but, I have been working on creating a pinterest site that kinda parallels this one.

I’m really pleased with the effort that I’ve made there so please

Check it out as it keeps growing: here

THERE ARE a couple reasons that I’ve preferred pinterest -

-You can start boards and continue to add to them more easily than linking posts and adding images to photosets people won’t check after its off their dash.

-You can pick and choose single pieces out of peoples sets more easily and it keeps the meta data a bit better than tumblr.

-It’s visually oriented, and non linear like tumblr, which makes browsing faster.

-People tend to be more focused with their content -than on tumblr. Which means you can really narrow down on the topics that interest you.

-Pinning from other sites with the pinterest applet makes it more integrated into natural web browsing behavior.

BOTH tumblr and pinterest, have been my attempts at social-computing - cloud-computing - collective record keeping & discovery.

What we need is the ability to rapidly parse what our global society is doing and producing, and none of these platforms is ideal.

IN FACT pinterest is one of the glitchiest, most frustrating site that I’ve ever used. I should really write a full review of these types of media sites but there are a couple of issues that are constant sources of frustration:

- You cannot really connect with users who publish good content. There is no messaging system. Etc. The identity of the poster is kept to a limited ‘profile’ section.

- The boards cannot be grouped in any way, except to give them a common label and to drag them into order. This wouldn’t be so bad if when you dragged it, it would stay…

-  There is no way to tag content or cross reference boards (which makes any grouping a rigid and single task.

- Searching Pinterest is also a nightmare, you cant search for terms within one of the site’s (already clunky) categories. This means that If you search for ‘Nest’ most of the search results are people’s dumb home furnishing boards and not an actual nest of any sort. You used to be able to do this but now can’t.

-It doesnt allow multiple uploads or drag’n’drop uploading- so we are stuck in a web 1.0 universe that doesn’t lend itself to people with serious collections of their own.

SPEAKING OF collections, I never really wanted to save 80,000 images on my harddrive just for my own reference… I want to share them and see others and compare and compile and merge and collaborate and discuss and rate and review and network and socialize over the things I love. Tumblr and Pinterest both approach that and stop short.  It’s crazy that they don’t seem capable of moving forward though since these common features and requests are exhibited on tons of different sites but never all together on one.

Maybe it is just a matter of time, but in the meantime all I have time for is one or the other… at a time


Sacellum Cloacinae - ruins of the Shrine of Cloacina, (Roman Goddess of Sewers and Marital Sex)

concrete architecture models

Bathing Machines c.1730’s-c.1920’s

archi-tanks - Anatoly Osmolovsky

something jugular and in relief - Giancarlo Franco Tramontin

loose black polka dots

op-art as installation art - Bridget Riley

agglutinative architecture as geographical features - Vytautas Laisonas

somewhat Venusian undulants - Alberto Viani

rectilinear figure-ground interplay in plan

studies of waves across debris - Eyal Gever

Coxal Marble Undulants - Antoine Poncet

These profoundly beautiful ‘ribbons' of DNA and proteins have such a particular organic pattern that has only been discovered by the equally delicate raking tip of AFM (atomic force microscopy)

Canvas  by  andbamnan