Sacellum Cloacinae - ruins of the Shrine of Cloacina, (Roman Goddess of Sewers and Marital Sex)

concrete architecture models

Bathing Machines c.1730’s-c.1920’s

agglutinative architecture as geographical features - Vytautas Laisonas

rectilinear figure-ground interplay in plan

stairs down verdant slopes

Qubbas at Old Dongola, a mammary landscape

early oil fields from Azerbaijan to California

bunker sprawl - ArchiveofAffinities

perimetered architectural Haniwa - final Jomon era funerary relics

architectural Haniwa - ancient final jomon era funerary relics

Great Fen Visitor Centre proposal - studio weave

recurring design build of lumbered installations within verdure - Studio in the Woods

carlos scarpa. file. print.   -   Bianca Chang

stone hamlet of Ghesc

Canvas  by  andbamnan