starkly set rough sculpture - Hans Josephsohn

'abakans' heavy dark cloth environments - Magdalena Abakanowicz

incised spatiality & locus-sensitive materiality - Oppenheim A+D

strong & bright openings - one is cavern light, two photos are of water from a dam & the first is a bunch of straws…

white walls hovering inside and out.

cantenary billows - Akio Hamatani

well-patterned spatial surfaces

Lamellated Ceilings

development of the SS Bessemer’s gimbal cabin c.1874

umbral interiors - Larry Bell

b&w striped spaces

crunchy architectural installations

vacant interiors of Ghardaïa

a Lady Liberty ‘upskirt’  - as proto.Gehry.plating

Canvas  by  andbamnan