op-art as installation art - Bridget Riley

These profoundly beautiful ‘ribbons' of DNA and proteins have such a particular organic pattern that has only been discovered by the equally delicate raking tip of AFM (atomic force microscopy)

not screensavers but seats - Baltasar Portillo

asymbolic text - Cecil Touchon

Solar Granulation

black & white confocal microscopy - Fernan Federici

confocal microscopy of fractal-clumping fluorescent bacteria - Fernan Federici

concave/convex pattern - Ajmal Aqtash of Form-ula for StorefrontNYC

linework - Victor Pasmore

accentuated avian patterns - Chrysa Koukoura

these aren’t quite the good examples I was looking for— but the celled textures left by Sapsucker Woodpeckers are exquisite

charts of symbols - Bob Waardenburg

worksheets for sculpture - Isamu Noguchi

tumultuously ringed line drawings - Atsuko Tanaka

Patterns Imagined on Mars - Edward Barnard 1894

Canvas  by  andbamnan